Human Rights and Democracy 2013-14


Syria is one of 28 Countries of Concern included in the latest annual FCO Human Rights Report. Updates are published on the GOV.UK website every three months to highlight key human rights events in these countries, and to report on actions that the UK has taken. You can read the latest updates on Syria here.

Comments on the Syria Quarterly updates can be made below. They will be monitored and moderated by staff at the Human Rights and Democracy Department at the FCO who will also try and answer as many questions as possible.

Read this section of the report on GOV.UK

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6 comments on “Syria

  1. Susan Foukx says:

    Before sending this information out worldwide you might have been wiser to have updated it!
    The nuns from Maloula whom you mentioned were released several weeks ago.
    You might find too that the percentage of Christians in Syria has decreased noticeably, perhaps to 4 or 5%. I have been living in Syria for many years…
    Thank you for your trouble, however.

    1. FCO Human Rights says:

      Thank you for your comment. The scale of our human rights report means that it cannot provide up to the minute information across all the countries we cover, so it only reports things that happen over the calendar year 2013. As you know, the nuns in question were only released in March this year.

      There are of course varying estimates of the Christian population of Syria, the number we quote is the best available estimate we have for the pre-war population.

  2. marco rispoli says:

    I find your reports absolutely reliable and impartial and they represent an invaluable mine for information on matters not always dealt with by the international press with the same unbiased attitude . Thank you .

  3. Kerry lippitt says:

    My maternal grandfather died and was buried in Damascus during ww2. My mum is concerned that the graves are being destroyed. Can someone let me know how I can find out for her

    1. FCO Human Rights says:

      Hello. Thanks for your message. It’s not something I’m able to answer, but I’ve forwarded your message and email address to the relevant colleagues in our Syria Team, and have asked them to get in touch with you.

  4. yo mama says:

    In my opinion,
    a lot of this is correct but, its is very very sad to hear what Syria has become. In 1980 Syria was a mass-production country, the China of the Arab world. Now it is destroyed and ruined.